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To improve efficiency and effectiveness in collecting Asia financial data for investment and risk management, TEJ is the best databank for:

  • Asset Management Companies
  • Financial Institutions
  • Risk Management & Compliance
  • Consultant and Research Companies

How Does TEJ Database Help You?

  • In Reaching Investment Targets

    The collection of complete market data and point-in-time data from TEJ will improve your efficiency in investment management and investment strategic planning. TEJ dataset covers a variety of scopes, inclusive of market data, company data, corporate actions data, financial statements, etc., and our databank makes your investment objectives more attainable and achievable.

  • In ESG Investing & Responsible Investing

    The implementation and future plans of enterprises in ESG are key points for financial intermediaries in responsible lending and credit administration. With ESG datasets and TESG Rating from TEJ, green finance is now more possible than ever.

  • In Risk Management

    Risk management is to foresee the possible losses and adjust portfolio in advance. TEJ builds credit risk rating models to evaluate companies’ credit risk, and we also gather stock market risk indicators such as early warning sign of individual stocks to help shape portfolio strategies.

Why TEJ Database

TEJ has been committed to providing financial data of Asia market and delivering value-added solutions. With TEJ database, you will:


Save Time 

With the most up-to-date and easily accessible dataset, you will save tremendous amount of time on data collection. 


Achieve High-quality Research

Through data cleansing and daily update in database, data quality in your analysis will be substantially improved.


Gain Superior Insights

Base on verified, consistent and timely database, TEJ data solutions gives you incredible insights that streamline investment and risk management processes. 

Get Data That Matters to You

You can get data from multiple channels and formats according to your preference.

Data format : CSV/JSON/PDF/Python/SQL/User Interface/XML

Delivery mechanism:API/Cloud/Deployed (Onsite Servers)/Desktop/ Digital Files/Excel/FTP/SFTP/Web Service

  • ESG Dashboard

    Combining all related ESG data from CSR reports and other sources, ESG Dashboard helps you review ESG performance of your target companies.

  • Quantitative Datasets

    Providing point-in-time data, including corporate fundamentals data, ownership and insider data, and company events data for your quantitative strategy.

  • Financial Performance Database

    Gathering monthly revenue, pre-audit financial data and audited financial statements, etc., our financial database reflects a company's performance immediately.

  • Stock Risk Monitoring Datasets

    Collecting information on insiders’ holding and abnormal fluctuations in the stock market to identify the risk in portfolio in advance.


About TEJ

Taiwan Economic Journal (TEJ), funded in 1990, is the largest local financial information company in Taiwan. 


Our clients include hedge funds from America and Asia, internationally renowned professional database agencies, local banks in Taiwan, investment trust companies, local and foreign securities brokerages, and academic institutions of finance in Taiwan.


As a leader in financial and economic data, TEJ presents:

  • Financial Data Cleaning

    Through data collecting, cleaning, translating and value-add services, we provide consistent and accurate datasets that make your data journey smoother than ever.

  • Data Analytic Tools

    Based on TEJ datasets, we have developed a variety of analytic tools for our clients, such as index creating tools and financial asset valuation tools.

  • Risk Advisory

    For risk management, TEJ builds stock risk monitoring solutions and risk index which assist our clients in constructing their risk management system to detect market and credit risks.

Top-notch financial data provider — One-stop solution for you.

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